Rwpower AS & Reuben Sp z o.o. signed cooperation.
Norwegian company Rwpower AS had a signed agreement partnership with polish company Reuben Sp. z o.o. regarding cooperation in technology development and production.
Reuben Sp. z o.o. with CEO Maja Ruben and Rwpower AS CEO Torger Tveter discussed the goals of the cooperation project, the budget and agreed on technical details.
We agreed that Rwpower AS will be the innovation technology provider regarding the license, production of two core units of the water pomp system and mentoring of Torger Tveter the Rwpower CEO and Reuben Sp. z o.o. will further develop the technology and implement two installations on the Baltic Sea near city of Elbląg one focusing on cleaning water application and second focusing on energy development from waves.
We discussed the overall budget of the project cost for 100 000 Euros for further development of the technology and two installations on the Vistula Lagoon. We agreed that the bigger percentage would cover mostly services for production of the two wave pomp system units, transport from Gran Canaria and Norway core parts of the unit to Poland.
The service of the production for other not core parts of the units in Poland, service of the installation of the units one the Vistula Lagoon seashore near Elbląg, measurement service of the installation performance and purchase of a license by Reuben Sp. z o.o. from Rwpower AS.
Reuben Sp. z o. o. undertook to perform technical photo documentation of potential installation locations and Rwpower AS to estimate on this basis detailed estimates of the costs of developing and implementing technology in the Vistula Lagoon. Reuben Sp. z o. o. also undertook to estimate the cost of commissioned production of part of the installation in Poland.
Rwpower AS undertook to estimate the production costs in Norway of key parts of the installation and transport them from Norway to Poland or a test unit from the Canary Islands.
The partners agreed that the valuation of technology and license agreement would be outsourced for Norwegian and Polish experts.
Maja Ruben – CEO Reuben Sp. z o.o.
Torger Tveter – CEO Rwpower AS
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